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The Michael and Alice Kuhn Foundation promotes systemic change in societal values, institutions, and laws in order to promote social and economic justice, (our "Goals").  Projects and programs of grantees should operate solely within the United States of America, and advance our Goals by providing systemic social change programs to benefit constituencies that have historically been excluded from social influence, economic power, and resources.


More concretely, we seek to fund:


1.   Organizations that conduct research and advocacy on public policies that advance our goals.


2.    Organizations that offer training opportunities for current and future leaders in community organizing and advocacy to advance our Goals.


3.     Educational programs that encourage and enable students of low socioeconomic status and financial need to stay in school, enhance their cultural lives, and obtain higher education.


Consistent with the foregoing, we especially encourage organizations that support students who are first in their family to attend institutions of higher education, as well as synagogues and other Jewish organizations.





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